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The Red Utopia told at the Festival dei Popoli

Thirty years after its fall, the Soviet Union in the archive documentaries of the Festival dei Popoli.

"Diamonds Are Forever - Red Utopia" is the section of the Festival dei Popoli dedicated to documentaries from the festival's archive which proposes, for the 62nd edition in Florence from 20 to 28 November, a review of archival documentaries dedicated to what the USSR represented for the world imagination throughout the twentieth century.

A thematic journey curated by Daniele Dottorini that crosses different visions, from glimpses of everyday life to images of a world in crisis, from the utopia of a paradise on earth to the myth of a cinema that has always been much more than an expression of propaganda .


"The presence of the retrospective section 'Diamonds are Forever' in the program of the 62nd edition" declares Alberto Lastrucci, head of the Festival dei Popoli Archives, "renews the multi-year appointment with films belonging to the history of cinema selected according to criteria that comparison of film styles, historical periods, different shooting formats. The intent is to bring together this heterogeneity in a unitary discourse in which cinema, tout-court, becomes the vehicle of a reflection that is never purely nostalgic, but rather a useful tool for deciphering the complexity of reality ".

The "Diamonds are Forever" section is an integral part of the initiatives that the Festival dei Popoli, supported by a precious partner such as the Fondazione Sistema Toscana, has undertaken in recent years for the cataloging, digitization and enhancement of an international audiovisual archive of great value both for the quantity and quality of the works preserved and for the information gathered in over six decades of the Institute's activity.

The initiative is carried out as part of the project for the cataloging, digitization and enhancement of the Festival dei Popoli and Mediateca Toscana archives, which involves the Tuscany Region and the Archives and Bibliographic Superintendence of Tuscany.

The 62nd edition of the Festival dei Popoli is organized with the contribution of MiBACT - Directorate General for Cinema, the Tuscany Region , the Municipality of Florence, the  Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, the  Fondazione Sistema Toscana.

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