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Coming to terms with the past and its wounds; meeting others to capture their mystery; reinterpreting reality to grasp its secret aspects; playing with the present to imagine future scenarios; exploring the most intimate spheres of oneself and one's body.

These are some of the themes at the center of the films in the program at the Doc at Work - Future Campus of the 63rd Festival dei Popoli, a path of excellence that presents a selection of the most interesting talents of contemporary cinema. Ten films that push us to imagine the possible paths of the cinema of the real in the years to come, to probe its undercurrents and unexpected looks. Women directors who come from schools of diverse geographical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds; even more diverse are their countries of origin and the places to which they have decided to direct their gaze.

The titles in the program:

A DIARY OF SEXUAL SOLITUDE - Journal d'une solitude sexuelle, Nina Alexandraki (Belgium, 2022, 26')
BLEU SILICO, Eloïse Le Gallo, Julia Borderie (France, 2022, 16')
MATER INERTA, Adrià Expòsit Goy (Spain, 2022, 24')
MEMORIES OF STONE FACES - Of Stone Faces Memories, Andrea Bordoli (Switzerland, 2022, 9')
NINETTA, Giorgia Colonna (Italy, 2021, 8')
RIBS - Rebra, Farah Hasanbegović (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal,2022, 8')
SONNENSTUBE, Davide Palella (Italy, Switzerland, 2022, 8')
TEN MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT - Zehn Minuten vor Mitternacht Mario Sanz (Spain, 2022, 17')
THE BATH - O Banho, Maria Inês Gonçalves (Portugal, Spain, 2022, 8')
THE EMPTY SPHERE - Le cercle Vide, Stéphanie Roland (France, 2022, 19')

We are delighted to collaborate for this edition with schools that have already been hosted at the Festival dei Popoli, such as Le Fresnoy (France), HEAD (Switzerland) and the Doc Nomads master program (Hungary, Portugal, Belgium) and Naba (Italy); and we are happy to expand this panorama with new collaborations, such as the Elias Querejeta Zine Eskola (Spain), the Locarno Spring Academy program (Switzerland) and ERAM (Spain).

A program produced in collaboration with Murate Art District: Mad.

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