Jury Day

The Young Jury of the 61st Festival dei Popoli, composed of 25 young people aged between 14 and 17 years, after having watched the 3 documentaries in competition in the Popoli for Kids and Teens section of the Festival dei Popoli awarded the prize for best film to  THE OPEN WINDOW by Daniel Oxenhandler, Will Sloan, Alfred Birkegaard (Denmark, USA, India, 2018, 58′). The film is available until November 29th on the platform Più Compagnia in collaboration with MYmovies.it.


The Open Window

by Daniel Oxenhandler, Will Sloan, Alfred Birkegaard (Denmark, USA, India, 2018, 58′).

While India is running against time to allow all its population to surf online, Deepa and Jaya – two young girls from a poor neighborhood in Delhi – are introduced to the Internet for the first time through an online learning workshop at their school. Their time in the lab opens up a whole universe of new ideas, possibilities and perspectives, and gives them new ways of thinking about school, about themselves.

Popoli for Kids and Teens

The Popoli for Kids and Teens section of the Festival dei Popoli, curated by Sandra Binazzi and Irene Lucchesi, presents every year a selection of documentary films chosen especially for children and young people.

The screenings are enriched by workshops and in-depth activities including the possibility of participating in the Popoli Young Jury, the children’s jury.

Popoli for Kids and Teens is in collaboration with Cinema StensenLanterne MagicheUnicoop Firenze.

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