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Jos de Putter

With Jos de Putter
Duration: 105' Languages: English (15') - English + Italian (90')
Available for one month starting July 23.

On the occasion of the retrospective "Like Every Grain of Sand," curated by Vittorio Iervese in 2014 for the 55th edition of the Festival dei Popoli, Dutch filmmaker Jos de Putter had the opportunity to meet the audience at screenings of his films and during a long and articulate masterclass, reproposed in its entirety in this "Cinema Lesson" dedicated to the work of a filmmaker exemplary for how he manages to combine an engaging narrative approach with an analysis of the deepest aspects of human nature.

The "perfect recipe" fine-tuned by Jos de Putter -a gifted storyteller in images-has enabled him to make films that are both profound and narratively very usable. Among the topics addressed by the director during the meeting: how to direct children and teenagers in the lead role? What to do when one intends to use 'special actors,' i.e., some monkeys?

"Cinema Lessons" is a series of appointments curated by the Festival dei Popoli Archive, which you will find on the Più Compagnia platform, the virtual hall of the  Cinema La Compagnia in Florence (managed by the Cinema Area of  Fondazione Sistema Toscana) and on the  Vimeo channel of the Festival dei Popoli.

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