Workshops and meetings for all age groups

The film programme of the Popoli for Kids and Teens section is supplemented and consolidated by meetings and workshops specially designed by local project partners to cater for various age groups. For information and bookings on the various workshops, please write to

Workshop organised by Echivisivi, a film production company that runs film workshops for children and young people from primary and secondary schools nationwide.

Discovering the real with the magic of cinema

Sunday 5 November at 10:00 am at PARC (Piazzale delle Cascine 4/5/7, Florence)
Age group: 7-10 years (limited number, reservation required)

Reality is a complex thing; as are the images that, without limits, surround us (from platforms to television, from advertising to social media) often in a pervasive or harmful manner. It becomes important, especially for the youngest children, to know the tools used to make those images, so that they can interpret them with a healthy and constructive approach, capable of bringing them closer to the world and its meanings.
The aim of the workshop Discovering reality with the magic of cinema is to lead children by the hand into digital and visual reproduction through didactics based on play and direct experience, so that reality can remain a wonderful place to discover day after day and the possibility of representing it with images a new game to learn.

Workshops organised by L'Aleph, an association committed to promoting active citizenship and sustainability issues (environmental, social and relational), starting with children in schools of all levels, from nursery to university.

On the path of ideas: it is when the film ends that the adventure begins

Sunday 5 November at 10:30 a.m. at Terminale Cinema (Via Carbonaia, 31, Prato)
Saturday 11 November at 10:30 am at PARC (Piazzale delle Cascine 4/5/7, Florence)
Age: 3-6 years, (limited number, reservation required)

Children and parents will be involved in a creative workshop that will take them on the adventure of the characters encountered in the films. A few questions will guide the way. Equipped with imagination, colours and creativity, together we will create a small book that will contain the precious reflections and ideas of the little ones, to take with them and treasure.

History from stories

Sunday 12 November at 10:30 am at Terminale Cinema (Via Carbonaia, 31, Prato)
Ages: 6-9 years (limited number, reservation required)

What would happen if film characters stepped out of the screen to live new adventures alongside children? During this creative workshop, it will be the children and their parents who will invent new stories, through the creation of a storyboard. Collage, colours, imagination and much more will be the tools to visualise the children's point of view.

Popoli for Kids and Teens is realized with the contribution of the Metropolitan City of Florence, SeeNL, Embassy and Consulate General of the Netherlands in Italy in the Scope of FuturoPresente* and with the collaboration of  UnicoopComune di PratoFondazione StensenLanterne MagicheParc - Performing Art Research CentreFabbrica EuropaL'AlephEchiVisiviChange for Planet and Mukki.

*Special program in collaboration with Performing Arts Fund NL, Dutch Foundation for Literature, Dutch Cultural Participation Fund, SeeNL

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