L'île De Perdus at the Cinema La Compagnia, from 6 to 12 October

L'île De Perdus by Laura Lamanda (Italy, France, 2020, 74 '), winner of the Imperdibili award and the Popoli Doc - CG Entertainment award of the 61st Edition of the Festival dei Popoli, is scheduled from 6 to 12 October at the Cinema La Compagnia  of Florence.

Wednesday 6 October at 9.00 pm the film will be introduced by the artistic director of the Festival dei Popoli Alessandro Stellino with the presence of the director Laura Lamanda.

L’île De Perdus by Laura Lamanda

Where do all the objects lost around town end up? If you are in Paris, you will have to go to the Lost and Found Office, where people follow one another all day after losing the strangest things during their daily rushes throughout the metropolis. They are welcomed, patiently and methodically, by a series of clerks, the only visible workers of a much more complex system. In the back office, there are rows of rooms in which millions of objects that represent our society are archived or being labelled. Identity cards, keys, copybooks, photographs, helmets, jewels… Many are left abandoned; others regain the world of their owners, filled with joy after the reunion. With a gaze reminiscent of Wiseman, the film-maker finds a fresh angle to describe the population of a big city and their relationship with objects, outlining a catalogue of material goods laden with importance only based on their symbolic import, but also a laidback portrait of human beings in search of definition


A few summers ago, everything was apparently going smoothly, when my belongings began to get lost. Everyone was lost: the keys, the books, the documents, causing me vast waves of panic. My days were littered with little mourning. And then, in this unstoppable flow of losses, the most serious incident: my computer has also disappeared at Orly airport. Finding it a few weeks later at the Lost and Found office in Paris, I was amazed: strangers who owed me nothing had taken care of me! Thus I discovered this space dedicated to loss in the rue des Morillons. I liked spending time in the atrium with large windows and old and sturdy furnishings, where who knows how many other people had landed over the decades, perhaps finding what they were looking for, perhaps remaining disappointed. I didn't want to leave him. I would have filmed it. I would have stayed there, surrounded by others and their stories. How did they live their loss? What did they feel? How did they help each other to go further? And is it really always possible to go further? (Laura Lamanda)

On the program:

WEDNESDAY 6 OCTOBER, 9.00 pm - in the presence of the director
MONDAY 11 OCTOBER, 4.00 pm

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