TËNK, the streaming platform dedicated to documentary cinema, arrives in Italy!

TËNK finally arrives in Italy with a new platform also available in Italian on  tenk.eu.com which will be presented on Tuesday 7 September at 6:30 pm at Isola Edipo - Spazio GdA in Venice.

On the occasion of the event, in collaboration with Festival Dei Popoli and Giornate Degli Autori, the Tënk platform and programming available for the next few months will be presented, divided by topics, forms or thematic programs related to in-depth studies, festivals and fragments of works.

Scheduled for November two special releases in collaboration with the Festival dei Popoli:

The Book of Jonah by Zlatolin Donchev - 61st Festival dei Popoli, winner of the 2020 Tënk Prize award)

Chaco by Fausta Quattrini, Daniele Incalcaterra - 59th Festival dei Popoli, winner of the international competition, best feature film

The TËNK project was born in 2016 in France by a group of young enthusiasts and industry experts, to spread auteur cinema and creating a virtual space on demand, entirely dedicated to independent documentaries.

An artistic line characterized by commitment, which opens the door to a resilient and creative cinematic universe that has a catalogue of over 400 streaming titles and 250 films, selected each year by a network of professionals involved in various European festivals.

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